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Securing Our Future…


A world where every child has access to quality education irrespective of gender, ethnicity or economic status.



Building a funding pathway to quality education for all children.

Our Story

We believe that every child irrespective of their gender, where they live or the family, group or circumstance they were born into, deserve access to quality education. 

We also believe that we, collectively, can provide an opportunity for every child to access quality education. 
Based on these beliefs, over the years we’ll be unlocking various pathways to quality education by funding education & education policy reforms, technology and infrastructure.

Get Involved.

Our mission will begin with funding the education of out-of-school children. One education funded at a time, one dream come true for a child at a time.

We have started with our family private funds and we invite individuals and families to make legacy pledges to fund the education of an out-of-school or economically disadvantaged child or group of children, Focused on primary and secondary school level. We invite Africans looking to give back to the next generation to work with us.

All pledges will be followed through with a transparent selection process, tailored to the giving priorities and criteria co-developed with you. Once your legacy funding begins, regular report cards and engagement with pupils will be established.

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